About Us

Kickstown is a group of sneaker and history loving people who are on a mission to rediscover and bring back long forgotten but incredible sneaker designs. Our story began over ten years ago...

Way back in the ancient year of 2005 a pair of old sneakers were discovered in a Victorian Era trunk at an Estate Sale in Southern California. 

.Colchester's 1892

 Since Sneakers cannot speak (really wish they could) some painstaking research was done, including a trip to Colchester, Connecticut, and the identity of the mysterious sneakers was found at last.They were from the Colchester Rubber Company, a footwear manufacturing company from 1888-1892. Making these sneakers one of the first, if not the very first, basketball sneakers EVER made. [ Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith]. Colchester Rubber Company was bought out in 1893 by U.S. Rubber Company.


The Original 124 Year Old Sneaker!

These Sneakers are a Timeless Classic, and we are now on a journey to bring them back to the public for a new, classic style- loving generation to enjoy. All details of the Sneaker are as they originally were 124 years ago, from the Crown Emblem, to the Authentic Adobe Brown Coloring, down to the turkey feather sole. Keeping in tradition with Colchester Rubber Co. we have maintained the same high quality materials, a standard back in those days- not the exception like it is now.  The only update made is the addition of comfort arches for modern wear. This is our National Treasure.

We hope you will love wearing the Colchesters just as much as we do.