US Rubber Company 1902 Sneaker,Original Baller® Harry Lew® Signature Sneaker High Top


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  • Canvas
  • Signature Harry Lew ® Sneaker, The First African American Professional Basketball Player, Year 1902.
  • 1929 Witch Elk Black Panther Design Sole
  • 1950's Style Side Stripe
  • Wear a Piece of Pre- NBA Sneaker History

In 1902, at the age of 18, Harry Haskell Lew signed a contract with The Lowell, MA Pawtucketville Athletic Club Team, making him the first African-American basketball player to play professionally. After much protest, Lew finally played his first game on November 2, 1902, 11 years after the game was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts.He was known for his amazing dribbling skills. Harry Lew is a trailblazer for the many African American Basketball Champions since then. Harry Lew often wore US RUBBER Company brand Sneakers (founded in 1892) while he played his professional games, Updated for contemporary casual wear, the shoes have a built-in arch, cushioned insole, and metal eyelets. Chuck Taylor has a shoe (Converse) dedicated to him, now Harry Lew has that honor. Kickstown Has released These Original Baller Sneakers In Limited Quantities